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Why Santiago?

Santiago is Chile’s capital city and offers an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for a culinary experience unique to the area or want an adventure in the great outdoors, the buzzing metropolis of Santiago offers a collection of experiences. Read on for 4 great reasons why Santiago should feature in your South American travel plans…

Incredible Food & Wine
A foodie paradise, Santiago has something for everyone! Some of the best food can be found right outside your hotel– street food specialities include empanadas, ceviche and mote con huesillos, a syrupy peach and wheat drink. Venture further and continue your food adventure at La Vega. This bustling marketplace is a true assault on the senses, selling fresh produce, Chilean food and almost anything you could dream of– this is a market like no other! Santiago is also home to an incredible array of world-renowned restaurants. This is one place you won’t go hungry…

During your stay, don’t miss out on a visit to the picturesque wine regions. Just a short drive from the city are districts such as the Colchagua and Maipo Valleys. If you’re looking to try something different after a long day of sampling wines, you can’t go past a Pisco sour or a Terremoto cocktail…

Rich History
Founded in 1541, Santiago is a must-do for any history buff. A great place to start is the Plaza de Armas, enjoy a coffee in the square and admire the stunning Spanish architecture. Afterwards, see the home of Pablo Neruda, beloved Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet. Visit the sobering Human Rights Museum and other incredible sites include the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and La Moneda Palace.

Great Outdoor Activities
Nestled below the Andes, Santiago is a truly picturesque city. Boasting unrivalled scenery, there is much to see and explore here. An icon of the city, San Cristobal Hill offers stunning views over the surrounding areas. Reach the top with only a short walk and enjoy the many activities and sights to see at the top!

Another fantastic place to explore is Parque Quinta Normal. This lush green park is home to several museums, one of which hosts several botanic, anthropologic and palaeontologic exhibits. Enjoy paddle boating on the lake and wandering through the outdoor food and craft stalls.

If you’re still itching to get out amongst nature, the Andes are just a stones throw away and offer plenty to do– hike, ski or just admire the view! For a day trip a little warmer, lounge on the beaches of Cachagua and Zapallar or explore the coastal city of Vina del Mar.

Fantastic Culture
After a few busy days of adventuring, wind down with a leisurely stroll through beautiful Barro Lastarria and Barro Bellavista. Explore quaint cafes and trendy bars, wander down cobblestone lanes and admire local artwork. Make sure you see some traditional Chilean Cueca dancing– or even give it a go!

There is so much to see and do in Santiago and this is a great place from which to begin your Chilean adventure, or even just spend a week exploring.

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