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Walks in Croatia

We’ve told you where to party in Croatia, we’ve shared some awesome cruise deals, we’ve sent you off the beaten track and told you about the local cuisine you simply have to sample. Now let us share with you some great walking trails to check out on your next Croatian getaway…

Risnjak National Park

Located in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar between Karlovac and Rijeka; Risnjak National Park is rich with dense forests, open meadows and exciting wildlife. The park offers a great range of hikes and walks to suit beginners and advanced walkers.

The park got its name from the lynx wildcat, ‘ris’ in Croatian, and fitting the name, Risnjak is packed with wildlife including species of brown bears, wolves and deer.

One of the most popular routes is the hike from the main entrance to the 1,528m high peak, Veliki Risnjak. 3 hours each way, when at the summit, you’ll find the beautiful Schlosser’s mountain hut; one of the most picturesque huts in all of Croatia. The hike is suitable for beginners and experienced climbers, however during winter, it’s strongly advised that only experienced climbers tackle the trek.

The national park offers a great range of other high peaks, great for walkers and hikers. These include Snježnik (1,505m high), Gornji Medvejci (1,461m high), Jelenc (1,442m high), Lazačka glavica (1,426m high) and Planina (1,425m high).

Paklenica National Park

South of the Velebit mountain range, Paklencia National park covers an area of roughly 100 square km and is the most visited climbing site in Croatia. The park features a mixture of high peaks with gorgeous views, deep gorges as well as beech and pine forests.

Two of the park’s most well known canyons, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. (Big and small Paklenica). The canyons offer some of the most picturesque hikes and walking trails in Croatia.

Recommended day hikes include a 4hr (return) hike up to Anića Kuk featuring incredible views of all of Zadar county and the bay of Starigrad.

Another popular one is an 8hr (return) hike up to Sveto Brdo, the 2nd highest peak of Velebit Mountain. Great panoramic views as well as high mountain meadows.

Učka Nature Park

Situated in the Dinara Mountain range, Ucka Nature Park offers beautiful lush forest vegetation, spacious grasslands and spectacular views on Kvarner bay and Istria. Covering approximately 160 km2, it extends along the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula. The highlight of the park is Učka Moountain; the highest Istrian mountain.

Offering various walks and hikes, one can’t possibly visit the mountain without hiking to the highest peak, Vojak (1401 m) and its stone tower-viewing point. On a clear day, you’re rewarded with views of Istria, Kvarner and the central Dalmatian islands, Gorski Kotar as well as the peaks of the Italian Alps and even Venice. The hike itself takes roughly half a day and there’s nothing better than watching the sunset from the top of the peak.

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