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UNESCO Heritage Trail in Croatia

Introducing a featured itinerary in our 50th Anniversary Gold Collection. The 9-day Croatia UNESCO Heritage tour will transport you on an unforgettable journey discovering Croatia’s best UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Perfect for explorers, travellers and people wanting to experience incredible history, spectacular natural beauty and amazing architecture. From Zagreb to Dubrovnik, discover why this tour will captivate and fascinate you.


The first stop on your Croatian escapade is Opatija. Located in Kvarner Bay on the Northern Adriatic, Opatija possesses magnificent luxury villas, dazzling neoclassic as well as art nouveau hotels located in luxuriously trimmed gardens and parks.

Enjoy a spectacular day tour of the Istrian peninsula. See the numerous hills covered in beautiful vineyards and olive trees with picturesque quaint towns sitting atop. Here, you will visit the medieval hilltop town of Motovun.  Sitting above the Mirna River valley, this picturesque town overlooks vineyards as well as the incredible Motovun forest. Motovun is where you will find the incredibly delicious black and white truffles.


Following the scenic route to the seaside, you will reach Porec and visit, The Euphrasian Basilica.  This iconic landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most famous religious monuments. Additionally, check out the atrium, baptistery and episcopal palace.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The next stop on your idyllic getaway to Croatia is none other than the spectacular Plitvice Lakes National Park. This tranquil national park showcases an impressive collection of waterfalls, a gallery of sixteen lakes formed by natural dams of travertine, and an incredible diversity of wildlife.  Plitvice Lakes have been on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list since 1979. You’ll soon see why!


Wonder at the rich history of the ancient city of Zadar. Visit the home of the infamous UNESCO World Heritage cathedral of St James in Sibenik.  Marvel at the successful fusion of Gothic and Renaissance art and architecture.


The  historic and charming town of Trogir showcases an exquisite example of urban continuity. Wander the numerous Romanesque churches as well as the exceptional Baroque and Renaissance buildings from the Venetian period.


Split is wonderful to explore on foot.  A walking tour will give the opportunity to explore the historical centre and remains of Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split. Diocletian’s Palace has been a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site since 1979.  Built between the late 3rd and early 4th centuries, Diocletian’s Palace is considered to be one of the most imposing and valuable Roman buildings on the Adriatic Coast. The rest of Split is composed of 12th and 13th century Romanesque churches, medieval fortifications, as well as 15th century Gothic palaces and other Renaissance and Baroque style buildings. What an exceptional vision of historic culture and heritage!

Island of Hvar

It’s an enjoyable and picturesque ferry ride to the extraordinary island of Hvar. The town of Stari Grad is a great town to explore by foot. The main attraction here is the UNESCO World Heritage  listed Stari Grad Plain, a spectacular cultural landscape colonised by Ionian Greeks from Pharos in the 4th Century BC, surprisingly has remained intact and is one of the most beautiful examples of Grecian agriculture use in Croatia.


En route to Dubrovnik, make sure you stopover in Ston, home to the world’s second longest wall after the Great Wall of China; this wall was built to protect the town and their most prized commodity: salt. The salt plants are still in use today and the salt producing technology has remained unchanged for centuries.

There’s so much to see in the beautiful coastal town of Dubrovnik. Surrounded by fortification and citadels; the ancient city is filled with impressive cultural and architectural masterpieces preserved over centuries.  Home to the Rector’s Palace the Dominican Monastery houses a marvellous collection of medieval paintings as well as countless other intriguing sites  you will love to discover.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and Dubrovnik is the last stop on this wonderful journey of Croatia. Our Croatia Travel Specialist has carefully crafted a unique Croatian experience with the inquisitive traveller top of mind.  It promises to deliver an exciting and educational journey of the past introducing you to Croatia’s best “off the beaten track” UNESCO World Heritage sites.