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“Must dos” in Korcula

You have made it to one of the most picturesque locales in Europe. It would be fair to stop and drop, enjoying beaches, cruising and wandering the town. However, if you’ve got a bit more than that on your agenda, read on and learn about our top 5 “must do” experiences in Korcula…

Stroll around the Old Town

Journey back in time as you enter the Old Town through the Land Gate. The gate is part of the Revelin Tower, dating all the way back to the 13th century. Whilst here, climb up the tower to enjoy some views of the surrounding area. Take your time wandering through this historic and beautiful town; the buildings are incredibly well preserved and the streets are well laid-out. Make sure you visit St. Michael’s Church, the Sea Gate and the Abbey Treasury for some local history. If you get the chance, check out a Moreska sword dance.  This is a lively display that details the story of two passionate kings fighting over a woman…

Cathedral of St Mark

Whilst strolling around the laneways and streets of the Old Town, you certainly can’t miss St. Mark’s Cathedral. Completed in the 15th century, this impressive structure is built in the Gothic-Renaissance style. Inside, witness some breathtaking art– magnificent frescoes and intricately carved statues adorn every wall. Even after you leave, you’ll be able to spot this gem of Dalmatian architecture from anywhere in the town– its tall bell tower stretches high above the skyline.

Eat and Drink the Night Away

Korcula offers an abundance of fresh and delicious food. Indulge in the best seafood, grilled meat, homemade pasta and pizza. Try a different delicacy every night and pair it with some of the finest wine in the world. Make sure you try Grk– this white grape is grown only in Lumbarda and makes a very distinctive dry wine.

For an unforgettable experience, visit Massimo Cocktail Bar. Combining the (very) old and new, this quirky bar is built inside Zakerja Tower and is accessible only by ladder. A truly unique experience, have your drinks delivered by an old-timey pulley system as you enjoy views over the Adriatic Sea…

Korcula Town Museum

Located within the Gabrielis Palace, which dates back to the 16th century, the Korcula Town Museum details the rich history and culture of Korcula. Gain an insight into the Korcula identity demonstrated in an incredible variety of artefacts such as ship models, examples of traditional dress and other household items. One of the most fascinating pieces is a 3rd century BC stone tablet inscribed in ancient Greek; it is the oldest written document found in Croatia. If you’d like to delve into the captivating history of Korcula, this is the place to do it!

Hike up Sveti Ilija

If you’re looking to get out amongst nature but have spent one too many days lounging on the beach, try a half-day hike up lovely Sveti Ilija! Depart in the early morning to miss the heat and hike through lightly wooded areas and a lush green mountain landscape. Get lucky and you might spot a mountain goat or wild horse! Once you reach the top, enjoy stunning views over the surrounding islands and Korcula. There’s no better way to take a step back and appreciate the spectacular scenery of this picturesque island…

Korcula is a place that has it all: a wealth of history, delicious cuisine as well as breathtaking scenery. Whether you spend your days wandering the streets of the Old Town or seeking out the best food and wine, Korcula has something for everyone. However, if you find that at the end of the day you’re a bit exhausted, nothing beats a relaxing day on the beach…

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