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Party in Croatia….

Croatia is quickly becoming the place to be in Europe for millennial travellers. A coastal oasis, there’s no better place to soak up the sea and sun than Croatia. During summer, you can party in Croatia at festivals and events across various islands. Here’s a list of where the party’s at in this Mediterranean paradise …

Pag Island

Commonly known as the Ibiza of Croatia, Pag is the place to be if you’re looking for a party. Known for its vivacity and the famous Zcre Beach, Pag has an endless supply of parties and festivals to keep you buzzing all summer; from Croatia Rocks and Hideout to Electrobeach and Fresh Island. In addition to the festivals and parties, Pag has an array of nightclubs open till the early hours of the morning. Top spots include Noa Beach Club, Kalypso Club and Papaya.


Croatia’s sunniest island with an average of 260 sunny days a year, its no surprise Hvar is such a popular tourist destination. These days, as well as being popular amongst families, and couples, Hvar is a new comer to the party scene. With a wide variety of bars and clubs to choose from including the famous Hula Hula and the exclusive Carpe Diem Bar, there’s never a shortage of fun in Hvar.


The nightlife of Split’s old town truly begins on the waterfront Riva. Featuring a multitude of bars the popular ST Riva as well as Congo, Ćakula, the Riva is great to start your night out. Very close to the Riva, you’ll find a bar situated in a courtyard called Academia Club Ghetto; this place is said to be one of Split’s best. Still within the Old Town you’ll find Central Club, a favourite amongst tourists due to its spacious atmosphere. If you want to take your night outside of the Old Town, there are heaps of clubs to choose from. Top choices include, Bačvice Club, Tropic Club and Zenta Club. We can’t forget to mention the ever-popular Ultra Music Festival that visits Split for two nights.


Located pretty much next door to Pag, Rab is a much smaller less crowded Party Island. Relatively new to the party scene, Rab was once only an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to explore its dense forests and rocky cliffs. Today it’s both an adventure junkie and partygoers paradise. With beaches lined with bars and nightclubs, there is always something going on in Rab. Whether its live performances, festivals or cultural happenings – anything you can think of, Rab’s got it.

Other places

The coastal town of Zadar also offers a pulsating nightlife. With countless concerts and festivals taking place almost every day of the week from June until September, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Close to Zadar lies the small town of Tisno. While small in size, Tisno, is quickly becoming a festival powerhouse; hosting some of Croatia’s best festivals including Garden Festival, Soundwave, Electric Elephant, Movement Croatia, and more.

To conclude..

Croatia is definitely the place to be for millennial travellers looking for everything from beach parties and nightclubs to great music and festivals, so why wait? Make Croatia your next party destination!

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