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More than just Croatia…

There’s no doubt that Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to visit. However, don’t overlook its neighbours, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Montenegro. Here’s why these gorgeous countries should be your holiday bucket list.


Slovenia’s landscapes are almost magical in their fairy tale like scenery. With beautiful lakes, pristine forests and gorgeous churches it’s like walking onto the set of a Disney movie, only its real.

One of many fairy tale locations is Lake Bled. Imagine a picturesque church on the island reflected in the gorgeous emerald-green lake. Imagine a medieval castle clinging to a rocky cliff and some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps with the Karavanke as a backdrop. It really doesn’t get more majestic than this!

While the scenery is breathtaking, there’s more to love about Slovenia. Its history has been preserved over hundreds of years; war history and legends are a very significant part of Slovenian heritage. You’ll hear stories about gods and fairies, sacred mountains and how villages and towns evolved.

Another highlight of Slovenia is its delicious wine. Winemaking has been in Slovenia even before it was introduced to countries like Spain and France. Whether you prefer, white or red, full-bodied or light, dry or sweet, you will find it in Slovenia.

Imagine lounging on a rooftop bar, enjoying a glass of red, while watching the sun go down in the distance with the most beautiful scenery front and centre. Does it really get any better than that?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

20 years after the conflict that took place, the rebuild of Bosnia and Herzegovina has almost been restored to the vibrant country it once was. The country’s capital, Sarajevo in particular is a city full of life, buzzing with excitement.

Sarajevo’s historic centre blends East and West; you’ll feel like you’re in Vienna one minute and Istanbul the next. The city’s Ottoman past can be felt through the cobbled streets around Bascarsija. Meanwhile grand relics from the Austro-Hungarian Empire span the streets round Ferhadija. While there are signs of the city’s recent past – shrapnel-scarred walls and cemeteries on surrounding hillsides, it’s evident that Sarajevo is a city that embraces life.

The country also boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe; gorgeous turquoise lakes and remarkable waterfalls cut through striking mountains as well as gorgeous valleys and coves along the Adriatic coastline.


With a cosmopolitan metropolis beside the gorgeous countryside, Hungary is the perfect blend of exciting city life and laid-back country life.

One of the best things about Hungary is the food. Mouth-watering traditional dishes like the warm hearty Goulash and stuffed cabbage are both equally delicious and Hungarian.

The excitement of hungry just starts at the food, because this beautiful country has so much to offer. From the striking landscapes of the Hortobágy National Park to the stunning caves of Lillafüred, the country’s natural beauty is breathtaking.

Food and natural beauty aside, if you’re looking for history and culture, Budapest is the place for you. Hungary’s capital offers something to suit all tastes, from a vibrant nightlife and great shopping to monuments and countless architectural landmarks to visit.


With rugged mountain landscapes and shimmering seaside ports, Montenegro has so much to offer, and with less crowds than neighbouring Croatia.

Montenegro has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Balkans. While its coastline is nowhere near as long as Croatia’s; its charm lies in its unspoiled terrain. The water glistens in the warm afternoon sun and the untouched beaches offer mesmerising views of the country’s iconic limestone cliffs.

Another reason to visit Montenegro is the amazing array of outdoor activities you can enjoy. Out of all the Balkan countries, Montenegro is by far the best for outdoor lovers. A great place to start your outdoor adventure is, Durmitor National Park.  Here you will find lush pine forests, crystal glacial lakes, impressive waterfalls, and an abundance of walking and hiking trails. The park also features the famous Tara River Canyon – Europe’s deepest river, more than 4,000 feet deep. The best way to enjoy the river is on a raft, but if it’s the views you’re after look no further than the top of Mt. Ćurevac.

While we might be the Croatia Travel Specialists, we love its neighbouring countries almost just as much!!  If you’ve got one or more of these amazing countries on your bucket list, call us today let’s start crafting your Balkan adventure.

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