The sacred city of Varanasi sits on the holy River Ganga. Thousands from around the country flock to the Ganga at sunrise for a dip; to perform rituals, wash away their sins, meditate and pray.

3000 years old and known as the religious capital of India; Varanasi has an abundance of temples providing awe and wonder every few steps.  One of the oldest living cities in the world; Varanasi has been a symbol of spiritualism as well as philosophy and mysticism for thousands of years.

Lord Shiva, known as the destroyer or transformer belongs to the Holy Trinity of Hindu Gods.  According to Hindu scripture Shiva dwells in Varanasi and excludes from his realm Yama, the all-prevalent god of death. To be cremated in Varanasi and have one’s ashes sprinkled in the river is said to ensure liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. Therefore, Varanasi and its river are the ultimate sources of redemption.

Varanasi is a wonderland for the curious. A sensory overload with sights, colours, smells, sounds and tastes. From the aroma of spices, incense, perfume as well as food to the odours of human sweat, cows and funeral pyres.

The city is most comfortable to visit between October and March when the weather is pleasant and cool. However, you may want to consider the winter months; as during this time, many religious festivals are being celebrated.

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