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South Georgia

South Georgia is one of the most tranquil and spectacularly picturesque wilderness havens in the world. Stretching 170km long and 40 km wide at its broadest; over half the island is permanently glaciated, often referred to as “The Alps in the mid-ocean”.

South Georgia is a completely unspoiled and spectacular environment.  With a fascinating history in Antarctic exploration and as a settlement for Antarctic sealers then whalers; the wildlife in South Georgia was no longer under threat by 1965 when the last of the whalers left the island.

Today South Georgia is nothing less than inspiring with its abundance of wildlife. Home to more than 2 million southern fur seals and half the world’s population of southern elephant seals during breeding season; South Georgia has some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on earth.

The Antarctica experience is like no other providing incredible wildlife encounters. Whether it is being witness to the frantic activity of penguin colonies, the gathering herds of seals, the hundreds of albatrosses or the many species of whale; South Georgia is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise.

travel packages

I work with The Travel Specialists every time for travel packages to Africa and India and I can confirm that their knowledge and expertise are exceptional. Recently I have made South American bookings. I've looked at Croatia and what a refreshing wealth of knowledge they all so willingly share.  No itinerary has been too difficult to craft and their local teams deliver excellence.  I know that my clients are in good hands.

Donna, MTA Travel, Brisbane