Aurora Borealis

A phenomenon of lights gleaming across the sky, best witnessed in the Arctic. The remarkable Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are simply breathtaking. As the electrically charged particles from the sun hits the earth’s atmosphere, this spectacle comes to life as it produces a natural phenomenon of light in varying colours across the sky.

For many years the cause of the Northern lights were a mystery.  Many different cultures came to their own conclusions which related back to various myths as well as legends. Some groups of early Scandinavians thought they were ethereal dancers, flying across the sky.  In Greenland, legend has it that these breathtaking dancing lights are the spirits of past ancestors. The indigenous people of Wisconsin believed they were the ghosts of their enemies.  So, this incredible light show in the night sky simply had to be connected to something otherworldly!

While we know, scientifically what causes the spectacular light show, the mysterious ancient mythical element of them definitely makes this incredible phenomenon even more enticing.

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