Antarctic Adventure

Antarctica’s remote location and limited access make it a highly desired destination for the adventurous traveller.

Camp overnight on the ice listening to whales and penguins splashing in the distance and the creaking ice around you.  See the landscape from the water in a sea kayak. Paddle amongst towering icebergs and get up close to the penguin rookeries along the shore.  All you hear is the peaceful lapping of the ice cold waters against the kayak, moving icebergs and chirping seabirds.

Ideally suited to the physically fit as well as those looking for an adventure challenge; try scaling a peak on the Antarctic peninsula. Additionally, Antarctic scuba diving may interest you. Although, it is a specialist activity that isn’t available at all times of the year and does require a certification. However, it is a phenomenal way of exploring one of the most pristine places in the world discovering an underwater world of ice and sea creatures.

Antarctica delivers all of this, as well as an inspiring and educational collection of expeditions to suit people of all ages including families, couples, honeymooners and single travellers.

What leaves the biggest impression of all is the remote beauty and solitude of the Antarctic seas.  Experience nature at it’s unspoiled best. Feel the overwhelming sense of peace and freedom from this pristine environment.

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