Food and Drink in Peru

The authentic local dishes of Peru are the national dish, “ceviche”, raw fish with lemon juice and onions.

“Anticuchos” (beef skewers), “Rocoto Relleno” (stuffed, tasty peppers) and “La Ocopa”, cooked potatoes accompanied by a sauce made of cheese and nuts. Another local speciality is “cuy” (guinea pig). Lovers of sweets should try the “Mazamorra morada” (thick custard-based dessert made of maize) or “Picarones” (Peruvian doughnuts).

Pisco Sour

Pisco is a clear spirit made from grapes, dating back to the 16 century when the Spaniards brought the grape to the Peruvian region from Europe. The King of Spain banned wine in the 17th century and the locals, not wanting to go thirsty, created a different kind of alcohol from the grape. Pisco is mixed with lemon or lime juice, egg whites, sugar syrup and bitters to make a refreshing drink called Pisco Sour.