Climate in Cuba

Most of Cuba is tropical and warm, permanently humid, with sea breezes. Due to Cuba’s location close to the Tropic of Cancer, Cuba is sunny throughout the whole year. Temperatures are generally high. The annual average temperature ranges from 24 ºC to 26 ºC in the plains, and higher on the east coast with the west coast a fraction cooler. In the mountains, the average temperature is under 20 ºC. The highest temperature ever reached was in 38.6 ºC in Guantanamo (1969), and 0.6 ºC in Bainoa (1996). November to April is the dry season, which is Cuba’s winter. May to October is summer and this is when Cuba experiences hurricanes and large waves along the coastline. The temperature is high and 80% of the country’s annual rainfall happens during these months. During summer, most of the rains and inclement weather occur in the afternoon and usually for short periods of time. When there is a hurricane, cold front, or tropical waves predicted, everyone, including tourists, will be advised well in advance and preparations are made for everyone’s safety. The relative humidity is close to 80% on average, with 90% at sunrise, and 50-60% at midday. The most humid areas are the western and central regions, and the mountain territories. No matter what time of year you travel to Cuba, it is suggested you have a raincoat handy and wear cotton clothes for comfort like the locals do.