Discover Montenegro

A country that combines stunning natural beauty and an incredible history, Montenegro is a place that should be on every bucket list. Spend your days wandering through the winding lanes of historic towns, climb mountains with awe-inspiring views and explore islands and lakes. This week, we introduce you to some of our favourite Montenegro experiences…


A medieval town from a time gone by, Kotor is an absolute must see. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic town is home to the fascinating Kotor Old Town and Kotor Fortress. With evidence of fortification existing as early 168 BC, a visit to the fortress truly is a journey back in time. Climb the 1355 steps to the fortress and take in the incredible views at the top (and along the way!) In the Old Town itself, there is a story around every corner. Visit iconic sights such as St Tryphon’s Cathedral and Kampana Tower, or take a trip to Our Lady of the Rocks.

Once you’ve seen your share of historic sights, venture out onto the water! The Bay of Kotor is a breathtaking place and offers plenty to do. Explore the water on kayaks, paddleboards or enjoy a motorboat cruise. Furthermore, if you really want a bucket list experience, you can’t go past a visit to the Blue Cave! With iridescent blue waters and a dramatic cavernous roof, the Blue Cave is an otherworldly oasis.

Black Lake

A stunning glacial lake, the Black Lake is surrounded by pine forests and is one of the most popular attractions in Montenegro. Situated beneath the snowy peak of the Medjed mountain, enjoy walking along the water’s edge and taking in the beauty of the crystalline waters.


If you’re looking for the best of Montenegro, look no further than Bar. Visit the quaint King Nikola’s Palace, built in 1885, and Stari Bar, the historical ruins that began as a Roman settlement in the 4th century. For history of a different kind, be sure to visit Stara Maslina. Thought to be one of the oldest trees on the planet, this olive tree is over 2,000 years old and is an icon of the Balkans.

If your interest is truly in the natural wonders of Montenegro, be sure to also visit Lake Skadar. Only half an hour from Bar, the lake is truly a fairy-tale destination. It is even rumoured to be made from the tears of a pixie! Hike one of the many trails in the area, or explore the many coves and inlets kayaking or swimming.

Ostrog Monastery

Situated almost entirely in the cliff face, the Ostrog Monastery is a truly captivating sight. One of the three most visited Christian destinations in the world, the white monastery is a stark and radiant contrast again the jagged rocks surrounding it. Founded by St Basil in 1665, the complex originally consisted of a church, chapel and bedroom. Today, it is split into both a lower and upper monastery. A truly beautiful place, view 17th century frescoes and visit the stunning churches built into the cliff.

Lovcen National Park

Enjoy stunning views in Lovcen National Park where history, nature and culture converge. With something for everyone, there is plenty to see and do here. Discover some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world whilst exploring the hiking and cycling trails. For the more adventurous, admire incredible views as you zip line down canyons or quad bike up hills. This park is also home to a monument dedicated to Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, an important Montenegrin figure. Situated on the second highest peak of the park, Jezerski Vrh, the mausoleum lies at the end of a 461-step climb. However, it is well worth the hike! The memorial has important cultural and historical significance, and you can admire the breathtaking views from atop the peak!


With 16 churches, 17 (once) grand palazzi and a population of less than 400, Perast is the quiet seaside escape you’ve been looking for. Explore its historic buildings and romantic villas, stroll along the waterfront or venture onto the open water. Perast is home to two islands, St George Island and Our Lady of the Rocks. If you didn’t get the chance to see the latter in Kotor, be sure you pay a visit here…

Montenegro is a charming country with plenty to offer. If you would like to find out more or start planning your trip, contact The Croatia Travel Specialists division today!

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