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Croatia is one of the most popular European travel destinations. There’s sun, sand and plenty of ocean to enjoy, as well as quaint villages and picture postcard landscapes. This week we’re going off the beaten track to uncover 5 things you might not know about this idyllic holiday hot spot….

Dugi Otok

Translated as “Long Island”, this picturesque oasis is a haven for those seeking undiscovered Croatia. Part of the Zadar archipelago, this island is 45km long and boasts plenty of things to do. We recommend spending a few days here if you can, as there is simply so much to see! Explore the breathtaking Telascica National Park and its stunning salt lake. Snorkel in Kornati National Park as well as the crystal clear waters of Sakarun Beach.  Vennture into the depths of the Strasna Pec Cave. The island is also known for its festivities such as Saljske Užance, a three-day event celebrating culture and custom.

Badija Island

Step back in time as you arrive on the stunning island of Badija. Home to a 14th Century Franciscan monastery and pine and cypress forests, the island is straight out of a fairytale. Wander down paths that weave through the trees and enjoy a dip into the crystal clear waters. It will take you approximately two hours to cover the entire island. Whether you spend the morning, afternoon or whole day here, Badija Island is a hidden gem perfect for explorers…

Odysseus Cave

According to legend, this is the cave where Odysseus found shelter after being shipwrecked during a storm. If you are to follow the myth, it is believed to be where Odysseus was detained for seven years in Homer’s Odyssey. Today, you will find a cave surrounded by stunning turquoise waters and boasting incredible views. Accessible only by a rocky (and at times steep path), it is well worth the walk. Upon arrival, take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the view before taking a leap of faith into the waters below. Explore the sparkling blue waters within the cave– just be sure you don’t suffer the same fate as Odysseus!

Mali Losinj

A favourite of our Croatia Travel Specialist, Mali Losinj boasts great accommodation, over 250 kilometres of walking and cycling trails as well as delicious food– all without the crowds! If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities and indulge in a spot of pampering, you’ve come to the right place.  Mali Losinj has a reputation for wellness practices.  There is something for everyone from Ayurveda to aromatherapy.  If you are looking for a range of outdoor activities, the island also offers plenty such as cycling, diving as well as rock climbing. This idyllic town is the perfect destination if you’re seeking a Croatian getaway without the usual crowds.

Modric Caves

For nature lovers and those wanting something totally unique, you can’t miss the Modric Caves. Prepare to gear up in overalls and strap on your headlamps as you head underground.  If you don’t like enclosed spaces, this won’t be the excursion for you!  Admire grand stalactites, stalagmites and various natural formations as you venture deeper into this cave system and explore multiple untouched chambers.  Suitable for families, couples, singles and everyone in between, these caves are truly an amazing experience.

This is simply a taste of undiscovered Croatia.  Hopefully, these unique spots provide some inspiration for your next trip.  So go forth, and find some hidden gems of your own…

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