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Top 5 Beaches in Croatia…

Is a Croatia Holiday on your radar?  Well as you would know,  Croatia is known for being one of the ultimate European beach destinations. With its hot summers, there’s only one place you want to relax in this beautiful country – the beach. Check out our list of the top 5 beaches in Croatia.

Zlatni Rat, Brač Island

Perhaps one of the most well known beaches in Croatia and the world, Zlatni Rat really is a natural phenomenon. Its unique V shape has been captured on the film of millions of cameras from travellers and locals alike. The large V comprises of a stunning beach with a rich pine grove in the centre.

Zlatni is incredibly well known for windsurfing, with the strong Northeasterly Maestral wind in the afternoons. In addition, jet skiing and kayaking are also great water sports for the area.

You’ll find a large array of hotels to stay at nearby which can make the beach a little busy at times, however don’t let that stop you from experiencing one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Stiniva, Marinje Zemlje, Croatia

Earning the title as Europe’s best beach in 2016, Stiniva definitely lives up to its title. Situated on the southern coast of Vis, Stiniva is accessible only by one track through the countryside or by boat. The limited accessibility is perhaps why the beach remains (given its fame) relatively quiet at certain times.

Its worth noting the beach is fairly small and if you want as much of the beach to yourself as possible, try to arrive before 10:30, before the boats arrive or after 4, once they’ve left.

Kayaking to the beach is a real highlight. The trip is roughly 8km from Pritiscina to Stiniva. In the kayak, you traverse perhaps the most stunning part of the Vis coastline passing through caves and coves only accessible by a small vessel such as a kayak.

Of course taking a boat or hiking the trail are also great options if you’re short on time or an adventure lover.

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

Its no surprise that a beach on Croatia’s most popular city, would make our list of the top beaches in Croatia. While the beach is located near the city centre you have to walk down a flight of stairs to actually get to the beach.

The beach is known for its gorgeous views of the old city walls as well as the island of Lokrum. In addition to the view and crystal clear water, Banje is a great beach for water sports; from jet skiing and paddle boating to parasailing and so much more.

The beach is complete with showers and change rooms so your night isn’t interrupted when you’re ready to continue your night at the Eastwest Beach Club.

Saharun (Sakarun) Beach, Dugi Island

Situated in the north Coast of Dugi Island, Saharun is a great option for those with families. The crystal clear shallow waters make the beach perfect for families with little kids.

A gorgeous pine foreset creates a beautiful backdrop and provides ample shade from the hot summer sun.

While the beach is ideal for families, it’s also a hub for everyone else. With numerous cocktail bars open during the day, and a buzzing beach club life, Saharun has something for everyone.

Divna Beach, Dalmatia

The name says it all for this beach; Divna translates to beautiful. And in every aspect, this beach is beautiful. Situated on the northern part of the Pelješac peninsula; Divna is complete with crystal blue waters, towering cliffs, and secluded coves.

Very secluded, Divna offers a tranquil setting for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing time away from the crowds in cities like Dubrovnik. A nature lover’s paradise, Divna doesn’t have all the shops and facilities of other beaches, but rather an oasis filled with striking beauty wherever you look.

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