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Cruising in Croatia…

Cruising the Adriatic will perhaps be one of your most spectacular cruising experiences; with crystal turquoise waters and gorgeous coastlines, there’s no other country that offers cruises like Croatia. When getting ready for your cruise, we’re sure there’s a few questions you’ll have. So, to save you some time in finding answers, read on.  Here are a few  frequently asked questions that you might find helpful as you finalise your Croatian cruise holiday.

Is there a limit on how much luggage I can bring?

Usually no, there is no limit, however space is restricted when you’re in a cabin. It’s best to pack light, to maximise the space in your cabin.

For a guide on what to wear and bring click here.

 Are the cruises suitable for children?

Most cruises are suitable for all ages.  Some cruises are tailored specifically for families, however it’s a good idea to check this with your cruise operator or our Croatian Travel Specialist before booking if your children are under 12.

What’s different about small ship cruising?

With a smaller ship you’re able to dock at smaller ports and inlets, which offer the best swimming spots and allow you to be closer to UNESCO world heritage sites. In addition, when travelling on a small ship you have a more intimate experience with less than 40 guests.  As a result, you’ve got higher levels of privacy and a more exclusive experience on the Adriatic. Furthermore, due to the smaller size of the ships, there is a higher emphasis placed on unique destinations where larger ships simply aren’t able to go.

How often does the cruise stop?

Usually cruise ships don’t sail through the night, therefore they usually set sail after breakfast. Depending on your itinerary, you can expect 2-3 stops a day. Firstly a morning swim stop followed by an afternoon island or bay visit.  Finally at around 4pm the ship will dock. This is a great time for sightseeing and dinner arrangements (if dinner isn’t served on the ship). Most cruises spend the night at the port and set sail in the morning again.

Is there complimentary Wi-Fi on board?

Many ships are equipped with the technology to offer Wi-Fi throughout the cruise.  However you may find the strength of the connection not so great during cruising hours. In most cases if the ship has Wi-Fi, it’ll be complimentary but you will find some ships charge a fee. For more information, please check your itinerary under the price includes/ inclusions tab.

We hope the above has helped in providing you with some insights into navigating your way through booking your Croatian Cruise.  Our Croatian Travel Specialists are always on hand to run through any of your queries or concerns.  other frequently asked questions (and answers) can be found here.

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