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Croatia Accommodation Spotlight: Lesic Dimitri Palace

The breathtakingly beautiful Lesic Dimitri Palace offers the ultimate in elegant and luxurious accommodation in Croatia. Representing the island of Korcula’s rich history and culture is the centrally located restored medieval palace that overlooks the dazzling Adriatic Sea. The perfect blend between old and new, this boutique hotel has just five expansive suites.  The design inspiration for the Asian-Croatian team of architects and interior designers originated from Korcula’s most famous resident, Marco Polo and his travels along the Silk Road.


The restoration of the palace has kept the original allure while creating suites that feature custom furniture, contemporary design and modern technology.

The hotel has ensured that the original layout of the palace has also remained intact; rather than create individual hotel rooms, the original floor plan remains the same with five suites ranging in size, from 1 to 3 bedroom residences.

Each residence is decorated to resemble a country along the Silk Road that Marco Polo travelled through. The two one-bedroom suites feature design elements of South Asia and Arabia respectively; the two two-bedroom suites similarly featuring design elements of India and China; and finally, the three-bedroom suite features Venetian design elements. All residences, whilst highlighting interiors from other countries, all feature Croatian undertones, ensuring the authenticity of the original Palace.

Each residence also has a feature kitchen as well as dining facilities, for self-catering or private dining using the hotel’s chefs. Additionally, each residence features Wi-Fi and offers satellite TV, DVD player, a fully stocked mini bar and air-conditioning, as well as a dry cleaning and laundry service.


The hotel’s restaurant: LD Restaurant offers guests a unique dining experience highlighting the traditional local cuisine with a modern twist. The Head Chef along with the Head Sommelier, create ingredient-based dishes curated from what is seasonally available on the land.

The restaurant’s terrace provides stunning panoramic views overlooking the Peljesac channel and the Korcula archipelago; coupled with exquisite wine and sumptuous food,  it is a dining experience fit for the most discerning of guests.


The hotel offers a range of activities from sailing or canoeing through to the picturesque blue waters of Korcula’s archipelago. Dive beneath the waters amongst the fish, why not try and catch some the way the locals do.

In addition to water-based activities, there are a range of walks and hikes through the narrow medieval streets, taking you to the beginning of the Silk Route. Learn about Marco Polo’s journey and the history of Korcula through guided tours of the historic centre.

For those looking to sit back and relax; enjoy everything from vineyard visits and wine tastings to the hotel’s luxurious LD spa and yoga classes.

References:  Thank you Lešić Dimitri Palace and Relais Chateaux