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On Safari in Botswana….

Botswana is without a doubt one of Africa’s best safari destinations. This stunning country offers phenomenal wildlife and a deep respect for the environment and conservation.  Botswana can have a reputation for being a bit pricey.  However, we’ve got 5 great reasons why this exciting destination is worth every cent!

Exceptional wildlife

Botswana offers incredible wildlife sightings. Expect to see the famous lion prides of Savute and the highest concentration of elephants in Africa on the Chobe Riverfront.  There is an abundance of plains game and over 500 bird species. Botswana has game like nowhere else.

Each area in Botswana has a reputation for offering something different. Chobe is known for its large elephant herds as well as its high populations of buffalo, antelope and hippo.

Botswana is also a hub for rare species, namely the wild dog. In addition, you can also find the black-maned Kalahari lion, sitatunga, puku and red lechwe antelope, brown hyena, African skimmer and aardvark to name a few.

 Commitment to conservation

Botswana is one of the few countries that actually goes above and beyond to ensure the future of its wildlife. The country’s dedication to conservation of environment, wildlife and cultural heritage make it a leader in eco-tourism across Africa.

 The Botswana tourism industry operates on a high cost – low impact ensuring the wilderness remains pristine and exclusive. Paying a slightly higher price ensures the country’s wildlife are still there in the future and keep the national parks crowd free.

Walking Safaris

One of the many highlights of trip to Botswana is a walking safari. In many countries you can’t actually walk on the ground due to safety regulations, so this experience really makes Botswana special. There’s nothing like exploring the African bush on foot with knowledgeable guide. You’ll traverse various environments, from bushland savannah to the wide saltpans.

Guided walks in the Kalahari region are often a highlight for many visitors to Botswana. Such walks focus on the more delicate side of the environment such as local flora, the Bushman culture and the unique uses for everything you see. The walks draw attention to the diverse landscape and provide an excellent overall viewpoint of a traditional lifestyle in Botswana.

 Contrasting landscapes

Another thing that makes Botswana unique is its uncommon combination of desert, delta and plains. Such diversity in landscape means diversity in wildlife as well.

Wherever you go, you’re guaranteed an unappalled experience. From large elephant herds and numerous big 5 sightings in Chobe National Park to the largest inland delta in the world, the UNESO World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta, also known for the big 5.

In addition, you’ve got the Central Kalahari where after summer rains you’ll find game everywhere, whereas at other times they may be more sparse, but don’t let that stop you. There’s nothing like driving through the open landscape of the Kalahari in search of game.

Botswana offers countless more landscapes each with its own highlights and unique terrain, so wherever you go, get ready for an experience like no other.

 An exclusive travel experience

You will pay a higher price, but trust us; it’s totally worth it. Botswana’s luxury accommodation is intimate and very personalised. Definitely don’t expect large hotels or resorts, instead look forward to a luxury intimate experience in small lodges with close to fewer than 20 guests.

Some of the lodges in the Okavango Delta are only accessible by small plane, being so remote comes with a larger price. Like everywhere else, the more privacy you want the more you have to pay

Yes the luxury accommodation is more expensive, but this definitely does not mean that you need lots of money. It just means that there won’t be large amounts of tourists in the same place at once. You’ll also find that of the people who come to Botswana, are the kind of people who genuinely want to discover the country and seek out all the beauty it has to offer.

Whilst Botswana is known for its luxury camps, you do still have the option of budget accommodation or camping.

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