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Accommodation Spotlight…

Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms. Unique accommodation featuring an abundant fruit and vegetable garden, Babylonstoren prides itself on providing fine food and wine as well as a sense of wellbeing. So read on for an insight into the history of this wonderful property as well as what you can expect during your stay…


Boasting a rich and lengthy history, Babylonstoren was granted to Pieter van der Byl in 1692, and it was he who planted the first vineyards. One of the most charming aspects of this property are the endless roaming fields of produce that have grown here for hundreds of years. Incredibly, some of the original structures from this time still stand. A disused cowshed is now the Babel restaurant and the historic Manor House hosts five guest bedrooms.

The Property

Situated on a 240-hectare property, Babylonstoren is located in the picturesque Drakenstein Valley. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Franschhoek Mountains, this luxury accommodation prides itself on being an experience– not just a hotel.

Here, cottage living meets contemporary style. Rooms are cosy yet sleek, with whitewashed walls and high gabled ceilings. Alternatively, the Manor House is a journey back in time to the original beginnings of this property. Bookshelves cover the walls and a hearty fireplace gives the space character. Whether your style is old-world or modern-chic, Babylonstoren has something for everyone.

The Babylonstoren property is nestled amongst lush rolling fields and fruitful orchards. During your stay, take the time to enjoy a guided tour of the farm and learn about some of the 300 varieties of delicious produce that are grown here. Nothing beats savouring the freshest foods and indulging in artisan wine tastings.

For those wanting to unwind, Babylonstoren also offers an incredible spa. Intrinsically linked with nature, the surrounding gardens and farm, the Garden Spa is no exception to the Babylonstoren ethos. Set amongst a bamboo forest, the spa consists of a hammam, chill room, hot room as well as gym. There’s no better way to relax than surrounded by a leafy green forest, with a view of the Franschhoek Mountains…


Bringing you a variety of delicious farm-to-table cuisine, this unique accommodation offers two restaurants and a refreshment station. Babel is the main restaurant of the farm an is located in the cowshed.  Refurbished, the contemporary and airy space now emulates the fresh approach the farm takes to food. Taking a “pick, clean and serve” approach, there is an emphasis on seasonal food as well as unusual yet delicious combinations.

Babylonstoren bakes all its own bread in-house at the Bakery, which by night transforms into a lively restaurant. Serve yourself from around a large communal table as you enjoy the company of friends and family.

For a lighter alternative, there’s nothing better than refreshments from the Greenhouse after a long walk through the garden.  Enjoy cool drinks and freshly baked bread packed into quaint picnic boxes alongside preserves and jams.

 Wine & Tea

With over 88 hectares of vineyards and 13 different grape varieties, this is a wine lover’s paradise! In your spare time, explore the beautiful vineyards and enjoy a unique Babylonstoren wine in the sun. Ensure that you take a cellar tour, where you will gain an insight into the incredible wines on offer and can enjoy a delicious wine tasting.

For those looking for something a bit more mellow, the Healing Garden is a place for reflection and pause. Here blend your own herbal teas and enjoy a selection of sweet and savoury confections chosen carefully to complement each infusion.

A foodie paradise and connection to nature, Babylonstoren is a must do for all who are travelling through Cape Town.  Delight in the delicious foods, wine as well as explore the beautiful vineyards and plentiful gardens…