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As if being the sunniest spot in Croatia isn’t enough, we give you 5 amazing reasons to visit Hvar Island…

 1. Food

Seafood in Hvar is some of the best in all of Croatia. So, it makes perfect sense that Hvar  has a reputation for great restaurants.  Here you can find the freshest seafood, traditional Croatian cuisine all coupled with local Croatian wines. At every corner you’ll find a restaurant offering mouth-watering dishes guaranteed to satisfy anyone and everyone.

Read on for two of our favourites :


Located next to St Stephen’s cathedral in Old Hvar, Passarola is a fine dining restaurant.  The menu consists of dishes encapsulating traditional and innovative Dalmatian cuisine.   Each dish is made with local seafood as well as fresh produce. The restaurant itself offers a relaxed, elegant ambience and service is of the highest standard.  It’s no surprise, Passarola has been named “Best restaurant” in the town of Hvar.

Lungo Mare

Perhaps the best family restaurant (in our opinion) in Hvar is Lungo Mare.  Here you can find fresh, authentic Croatian cuisine.  Lungo Mare specialises in Seafood.  However, don’t forget to try one of many types of meat cooked on the massive grill on the terrace.

 2. History

Hvar Island is home to the oldest town in Croatia, Stari Grad.  The island itself,  is home to the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia.   Colonised by the Greeks in 384 BC,  Stari Grad was once called Pharos.

Following Grecian rule, Hvar subsequently went through an array of various ruling nations before being returned to Croatia when the country declared independence in 1991.

Having so many nations ruling the island over time, it’s unsurprising the island features so many historic sites. It’s extensive history is just one of many reasons why Hvar is a must for anyone visiting Croatia

 3. Luxury Hotels

Hvar Town is the place to be if you’re looking for opulent luxe accommodation. Known as the Monaco of Croatia, Hvar Town quite literally exudes luxury as well as plenty of glamour.

Check out some of our favourite hotels in Hvar Town…

Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

Adriana Hvar Spa is Croatia’s premier spa hotel. the luxurious located on the Hvar Water Promenade just 100m from the town square. Designed to create the ultimate experience of relaxation and romance, Adriana provides a luxury spa retreat for you to revitalise and rejuvenate on your European escapade.

Riva Yacht Harbour Hotel

Centrally located in the heart of Hvar, along the promenade, Riva offers contemporary luxury accommodation constantly staying on trend since opening in 1927. A long history of excellent service and luxurious accommodation, Riva Yacht Harbour Hotel is a lavish hotel displaying modern glamour and luxury in every aspect, from accommodation and dining to world-class service.

 4. Beaches

Hvar is well known for having some of the best beaches in Croatia, offering picturesque forest scenery and gorgeous Mediterranean waters. Here are two of our favourites

Uvala Dubovica

One of the most visually stunning beaches in Croatia, Uvala Dubovica, is located only 8km away from Hvar Town. This pebble beach is beautiful in its simplicity; not offering any water activities like jet skiing or parasailing. Instead enjoy this beach simply by lying in the sun and basking in the Mediterranean sun looking out to the glistening azure waters.

Grebišće, Hvar Island

Tucked away near the town of Jelsa in Hvar’s northern coast, lies the beautiful sandy Grebišće beach. Surrounded by a lush pine forest, offering shade throughout the day, this beach is perfect for a dip in the water or relaxing on a deck chair on the paved concrete slabs. Perfect for families with young kids boasting shallow waters and very soft sand.

5. Sveti Nikola 

Sveti Nikola rises 628 meters above sea level making it the is the highest peak on the entire island of Hvar.  You can see it above the Southern Shore of Zavala and Sveta Nedjelja.  At the top of the quaint 15th century chapel of St Nicholas, you will see a stone cross that has stood the test of time.   You may find the climb a little treacherous, but the view and is unparalleled.  It’s the ideal spot to see neighboring islands such as Brac, Korcula, and Vis, and the perfect spot to watch the sunset.  No trip to Hvar is complete without climbing the great Sveti Nikola.

So, what are you waiting for, make your way to Croatia and experience all that the incredible island of Hvar for yourself…

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